the player may not change his position

video installation, 17 minutes, HD, 2009

‘[...] if the shot hits the mark the gate opens.’
Walter Benjamin, “One - Way Street”

The Fun Fair could be considered a wonderful trap for eyes and bodies. It’s only this, I guess, the raison d’être of its existence nowadays. The Fair, with all its attractions, lights, sounds, movements, it’s an anachronistic sanctuary, an enclave where time and space are allowed to expand or contract, mocking every reference. It’s the realm of rotation and vortex, blinking lights and fragments, of darkness, mirrors and flashes.
The Fun Fair is a reflection of the light of cinema, its topology a “Montage of Attractions”, its magic made out of every kind of transitions, special effects, fades to black.
This video is only a ride on a carousel. Or viceversa.

artist : anna franceschini
sound: kwinten van laethem

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
in Zaal 19 (as a part of the "collectie Dommering")
from 27-04-2012 till 27-05-2012
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[...] 'Tijdens de nachtelijke kermis van Franceschini zijn de camera en het geluid steeds heel dicht bij de mechaniek van de zwoegende machinerie. Veel meer hoor je in haar film dan ook niet.
Zonder technodreun en gillend publiek hoor je de ingewanden van de attracties steunen en zuchten, de machinale armen onafgebroken zwiepen en tandraderen ratelen.' [...]

[...] In her work, human presence has been dwindling – disappearing entirely in The player may not change his position, filmed in an amusement park whose empty rides were set in motion just to be filmed by the artist. [...]