oratorium zonder doel
a film by MANU RICHE

documentary, 110 minutes, HD, 2016
produced by riche, riche & riche,
with the support of vlaams audiovisueel fonds & canvas

In the name of progress, the village of Doel was sacrificed in 1965 for the expansion of the port of Antwerp. Half a century later, the town is still there. A ghost town after fifty years of port policy on the left bank of the river Schelde.
Docks that are rarely full, and yet the newest one will cut right through Doel. It is the final blow. How did it come to this? And is it really called for? Because the problem of Doel is the problem of Antwerp. What is the added value of a giant dock with even more containers on the already crowded Antwerp ring road? Isn't there another way?

director, camera: manu riche
camera: renaat lambeets
sound: kwinten van laethem
production: riche, riche & riche

Oratorium zonder Doel - Trailer from els@offline.be on Vimeo.