the paved road

documentary, 5x 50 minutes, HD, 2015
produced by zonderling,
with the support of flanders media fund

On the road to your job, in transit to the supermarket, en route with your kids to the sports club … a network of paved roads transports each and every one of us, day by day to our destination. Traffic jams, radio on, billboards screaming for attention while universal prefab buildings slide by left and right. The familiar monotone sound of tires on concrete and asphalt provoke a mental state of auto-pilot …but on the sidelines…

In the eclectic architectural landscape of Flanders subcultures emerge from their safe heavens to appeal on the reciprocating mass. “The Paved Road* takes a halt at these intriguing phenomena that are hosted by a variety of transit people.

‘Steenweg’ is an episodic highlight of profoundly moving stories told by distinct characters about their struggle for destiny between the local and global world.

directors: fien troch, eva küpper
camera: grimm vandekerckhove, laurens de geyter
sound: kwinten van laethem, pol van laer
editing: thijs van nuffel
production: zonderling