hinter diesen bergen

feature fiction, 76 minutes, 5.1 surround, HD, 2010
produced by passanten filmproduktion & judith fülle

starring vera bommer, lucy wirth, andreas matti, stefan camenzind, mario fuchs, maria krummenacher-frank

Summer heat. No diploma. Too many shoes. Moving in together.
City or village. Milena. Heidi. And the mountains. Mountains everywhere. A small Swiss town. Milena didn’t pass school leaving examination, Heidi did. Heidi moves into Milena’s parent’s flat as they are on holiday. Milena wants to find an apartment of her own, together with Heidi. Milena starts working in a shoe warehouse to be able to afford this independence. Things around Milena start getting stranger as Heidi diverges from her more and more. As their friendship lies in ruins, Milena wants to get out and Heidi follows her into the mountains.

director, writer: michael krummenacher
co-writer: silvia wolkan
dop: jakob wiessner
editing: stine sonne munch
sound: kwinten van laethem
music: björn magnusson
production: michael krummenacher, peter baranowski, judith fülle

„A humorous and psychologically penetrating study of two young women...“

„...unusual to find such an accomplished feature made by a director who's still in the midst of his studies.“

international première at filmfestival rotterdam

UK première at bradford international film festival