wenn alle da sind

fiction short, 27 minutes, 5.1 surround, HD, 2012
produced by passanten filmproduktion & hff munchen

starring rahel hubacher, simon gisler, simone gauch, ximena fanchini, florian steiner, dorothée müggler

A summer day. Julia Hofer, a young teacher, goes on an excursion with her class of eleven-year-olds. During the hike Andrea tries to find out if Alexander has any feelings for her, while Alexander‘s best friend Marcel is the one who really wants to be close her. Alexander, wanting to teach Miss Hofer a lesson, decides to leave the group and make his own way through the forest...

director, writer: michael krummenacher
dop: kaspar kaven
editing: sebastian prittwitz
sound: kwinten van laethem
music: björn magnusson
production: michael krummenacher, peter baranowski