cargo vie

documentary, 52 minutes, HD, 2017
produced by inti films,
with the support of vlaams audiovisueel fonds

Cargo Vie retraces the life of Belgian novelist and philosopher Pascal de Duve who died af AIDS in 1993. Inspired by the diary de Duve kept while crossing the Atlantic, the film visualises de Duves gifted personality though personal documents, recorded appearances, public performances and intervieuws with family and friends. The narrator wanders again through long-ago visited places and spaces. The journey brings forth strong emotional flashbacks of the past reminiscenes. Allusive sounds and visual distortion create a pervasive atmosphere and powerful metaphor of Pascal de Duves message of life and his search for enlightenment.

director: peter van goethem
camera: piet deyaert
sound: kwinten van laethem
production: inti films