desert cantos
a film by SOFIE BENOOT

documentary, 120 minutes, HD, 2013
produced by off world & zeppers film & tv
with the support of vlaams audiovisueel fonds & filmfonds nederland

The American West. We have arrived in a world where human life would seem to be impossible: an arid, mythical landscape characterized by absence. Absence of water, trees, life. In the beginning there was nothing. But then traces start appearing.
Desert Haze tells the many-layered story of human presence in the American Desert. The traces of the past are like geological strata in the desert. The film becomes a mosaic of various stories, merging in a peculiar chronicle of America at the crossroads of present and past, myth and reality.
From astronauts preparing for future missions to Mars to Japanese country singers, archeologists hunting for the remnants of military test airplanes, the mysterious death of John Wayne…

Desert Haze - a film by Sofie Benoot - trailer from Frederik Nicolai on Vimeo.

director: sofie benoot
assistent director: liesbeth de ceulaer
camera: fairuz
sound: kwinten van laethem
editing: nico leunen
sound design: michel schopping
production: off world
still photography: isabelle tollenaere

"Ik gebruik geen achtergrondmuziek. We hebben ter plaatse veel geluiden opgenomen, zoals de wind en het geritsel van planten. Die omgevingsgeluiden vormen eigenlijk de soundtrack bij de documentaire."