a film by BEN ASAMOAH

documentary, 90 minutes, HD, 2017
produced by inti films & pieter van heights film,
with the support of vlaams audiovisueel fonds & filmfonds nederland

In the last decade, Internet and web activities have caused a major societal shift in Ghana. Instead of submitting themselves as victims of the Western invention, a new generation of Ghanean youth has learned to benefit from the system instead. Sakawa, or Internet fraud, has become a way of life for these youth. What is viewed in the West as fraud, is seen by the Sakawa-boys as no more than an exploitation of available resources. These resources come in the form of electronic waste, dumped in their country by the West.

In SAKAWA, we meet a handful of these youngsters who, out of unemployed desperation, have turned to Internet fraud through the help of black magic. Internet fraud and black magic go hand in hand. ‘Jojo’ is a newcomer on the scene and is hopeful in his future. The slightly older ‘Kamkam,’ who has experienced the downfalls of the trade, is looking to quit. The film follows the lives of a few Sakawa-boys, as they blow new life into technological souls and empower them to haunt their previous Western counterparts. Or are the souls of the previous owners in fact haunting the young men?

director: ben asamoah
camera: jonathan wannyn
sound: kwinten van laethem
production: inti films
dutch co-production: pieter van huystee film