solid ground
a film by SOFIE BENOOT

documentary, 90 minutes, HD, 2017
produced by inti films,
with the support of vlaams audiovisueel fonds

Solid ground examines the ground beneath our feet. Stone and rock: made during the geological age. We regard this ground as solid, permanent, unshakeable. What if the ground beneath our feet is not as stable as we thought? What if it leads its own life, with its own history? What if we do not see man separate from the geological process, but rather completely embedded in it?

Solid ground wants to provide a geological view of the world, wants to regain geology as a new mythology that invites people to place themselves in the context of immeasurable time signatures.

director: sofie benoot
camera: grimm vandekerckhove
sound: kwinten van laethem
production: inti films